Individual therapy

Tailored to the realities of the modern young adult and contextualized to the lived experiences of youth in Africa.
Our approach is anchored in human centered theories of psychology whereby the client is the expert. Our role as professionals is to help you unpack, explore your story to create clarity. We equip you with the tools necessary to create healthy coping strategies for intentional living.

FOR YOUNG ADULTSIndividual Therapy

FOR YOUNG ADULTSSolution Focused Brief Therapy

FOR PARENTS OF YOUNG ADULTSSolution Focused Brief Therapy

CONTEXUALIZING WELLNESSBeyonder Wellness Young Adult Development Framework


Making sense of who you are and how your background has influenced your values, strengths, the way you interact with others and the world. With this step, we help you to clarify your real self and start working towards your ideal self. We process difficult experiences in your past in order to start the healing process as we shift from surviving mode to thriving mode.


Our bodies are always in the present. They detect the impact of our interactions with the world. We explore ways in which you can take care of your body on a daily basis, how to listen to your body and how to prioritize eating, sleeping and movement. We get into how you manage your thoughts and emotions and equip you with tools to cultivate a sense of inner peace in your everyday life.


The journey to your ideal self can have many obstacles. Here we help you identify critical areas that are holding you back from your ideal self and creating the most distress in your life. These become your goals of therapy. Once addressed we now work on creating new goals aligned to the clarity you have created in your values, strengths and relationships you are investing in.

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issues we unpack in young adults therapy

According to research, identity, relationships and career are the three aspects of life that can result in distress causing individuals to seek counselling services.

IDENTITYWho are you, and who are you becoming?

Every day you are faced with decisions to make, and they reflect on who you are becoming. You have borrowed a lot from your upbringing, education and friendships. Are you struggling with low self-confidence, self-doubt and self-sabotage? We help you figure out what is true to you. We help you by clarifying your values, strengths and process difficult experiences in your past to start healing and thriving

RELATIONSHIPSWho are your nearest and dearest?

You are actively choosing the people you want to be your nearest and dearest. Your family, platonic friendships and romantic partners. Are you struggling with toxic relationships, having difficulty in enforcing healthy boundaries? We help you to understand how you interact with others based on your attachment style. We share tools for learning how to invest in healthy and meaningful relationships.

EDUCATION AND CAREERWhat is a meaningful career to you?

You are in the process of matching your skills, talent, personality and education to land the right opportunity for you. Are you feeling stuck in your career, struggling to find where to plug in or unable to cope with workplace stress? We help you identify your values strengths and resources. Here you start the journey of figuring out how to combine your skills, talent education and personality to find a career that is fulfilling.

Everyone deserves a
a life of intentional living!

Individual Wellness: Our mission is to support young adults to step into adulthood with clarity and confidence.