Healing with nature...

Nature as an ally
to your well-being

Young adults today find their physical world quickly shrinking and their virtual world expanding.

Most of their time is spent indoors and on screens. This leads to depressive feelings, anxious thoughts, poor physical health, and isolation.

We have developed an ecotherapy program that helps young people reconnect with nature, taking care of their mental, physical and emotional health while having fun and making new connections.

Ecotherapy promotes well-being through...
We choose elements in nature to symbolize our inner states especially when words fail us. Nature helps us tap into our unconscious mind. That which was unknown is acknowledged for us to process and make informed choices.
Nature helps us to shift from doing mode to being mode. Our brains evolved outdoors in nature and therefore when we reconnect with it our senses are awakened and we can then tap into the present. Nature allows us to connect to our true self.
We learn from nature that there are difficult seasons, periods of rebirth, new shoots, fruits and leaves. Most importantly nature reminds us that we are not alone, we are part of an ecosystem that we contribute towards and in turn it nourishes us.

Our Ecotherapy partners

We collaborate with individuals and organizations that offer outdoor adventures. Our goal is to help participants have a more meaningful experience by incorporating mindful ecotherapy activities in nature.