Intentional Living

Experience the inner peace that comes with self-awareness

Are you an individual?

We are an ally to young adults on their self-exploration journey to create clarity and co-create coping tools for intentional living.

Are you an organization?

We co-create contextualized wellness interventions for organizations working with young adults in Africa.


We are guided by your values, strengths and resources.

MADE -TO -MEASUREWe contextualize

We co-create interventions suited to your needs and goals.

INNOVATIVEWe life design

We focus on what works for you to create the change you desire.

Organizational Wellness

Get the clarity needed to thrive personally and professionally for you and your team. If you are looking for tailor-made wellness interventions then our coaching, training and consulting services are exactly what you need.

COACHINGFounders Wellness

Find clarity personally and professionally as a founder to develop wellness-led authentic leadership.

TRAININGWellness Training

Get practical skills and tools for managing your mental, emotional and social wellbeing on how to respond to daily life challenges.

CONSULTINGProgram Design

Innovate wellness-centered products, services and systems for your organization to create sustainable change.

Individual wellness

Get the tools you need for intentional living. Create clarity, healthy coping and a clear plan to actualizing your goals.

Beyonder Wellness Consultancy

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