Young Well Africa Podcast
A collection of resilience stories from young adults across Africa.

We are surrounded by stories of overcoming adversity that do not fully capture the actual timeline of struggle, the impact of on self-worth, relationships, and goals. We are sharing real stories of resilience from ordinary young adults across Africa living their truth.
Our goal is for young adults to learn from each other, to know that you are not alone. We uncover coping strategies and tools needed to reflect on your own challenges and find helpful ways to overcome.
Young Well Africa Podcast is hosted Kagendo Munene a therapist for young adults. Her mission to contextualize wellness by sharing the lived experiences of young adults across the continent.

By reflecting on our stories of resilience we gift ourselves the awareness of our values, strengths and resources.

Kagendo Munene
Kagendo Munene | Founder: Beyonder Wellness Consultancy
Counselling Psychologist , Trainer & Wellness Innovator

Kagendo Munene is a therapist working with young adults. She has decided to embark on a journey to contextualize wellness in Africa by sharing the lived experiences of young adults across the continent. By listening to the stories of ordinary young adults, she hopes you are encouraged to reflect on your personal way of coping and know that you are not alone on your young adulthood journey.

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LinkedIn: Kagendo Munene
Charles Kibira | African Supaman
Founder: African Supaman Records

Charles is a 30-year –old creative from Nanyuki Kenya. A music producer, a sound engineer, singer, song writer, also producing podcasts, jingles, voice overs, and active Youth Leader. During the pandemic as with most artists he suffered multiple losses in his career and had to close shop. Listen in to learn about how this blow to his career took a toll on him and how he got through it to become the father, partner and entrepreneur he is today.

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LinkedIn: Charles Kibira
Dickson Godwin Kirenga | Skettcherr
Illustrator, Animator, Storyboard artist

Dickson is a 22-year-old artist from Dar es Salaam Tanzania. At 18, he was scouted by a group for his art. At the time he was a college student pursuing Information Technology. This opportunity presented a dilemma. He had to choose between his degree or an early start at pursuing art fulltime. Tune in to learn how his support system responded to this unexpected opportunity and the lessons he got from this transition.

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